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You also need to pay attention to the product in detailed as it also needs to be lightweight. This means you do not need to rub the product too hard onto your skin when you apply it. Sometimes the dark circle that you have also come because there are some problems with your blood circulation. When that happen you cannot rub your skin so you must apply the concealer smoothly, thus choosing a lightweight product is essential. Method to cover the dark circle from under your eyes. Having some wrinkles in your face can be really frustrating, especially when you have it on the area under your eyes.

Moreover, the eyes area is very important thing for your expression as everyone will see your eyes when talk with you. But then the eyes will also be the part of your face which gets the wrinkles the first time because the skin around it is really thin thus making it easily damaged by wrinkles. That is why you need to get rid of wrinkles under eyes so you can get the best emotion out from your beautiful eyes. The dark circle has been a common issue that everyone has to deal with in their daily life.

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Most of the time, you will be coping it using makeup since you want to cover and hide it from public view. But that is not always effective since you may also need to try and cure the dark circle so your eyes would not become dark all the time, which may also affect your health and your aging sign. To cope with this circle and try to cure it you can actually use dark circles under eyes home remedies.

By using home remedies and another natural method, you do not need to worry about it anymore. Moreover, you may be also able to be free from getting too much makeup in the morning that you usually do to cover your dark circles. Before you even try to use home remedies, it will be better for you to change your lifestyle. That is because the dark circle may also come out since you have a bad lifestyle so even when you use home remedies, but if you do not change your lifestyle, then the dark circle will keep coming out more.

First, you need to try getting the right amount of rest since most of the time the dark circle comes out after you could not get enough sleep for a few night, then try to sleep earlier when you have done a tough day which makes you really tired. Try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume every day that is because the dark circle can also come out after you consume too much alcohol. Most people will already know that the dark circle that comes out on your eyes can be reduced using cucumber. Just take a cucumber that you have been store in your refrigerator for the day and took a few slices from it.

Lie down on your back or use a reclining chair that able to make you relax. Then out the slices on your eyes for around 15 minutes or until the cold temperature has disappeared. You will feel very fresh after doing it, try to do this at least twice a day to get maximum effect. This fruit is known for its vitamin C which available in quite a large number inside. That is why when you want to try to use it on your eyes to reduce the dark color.

Try to take the juice and put it in a small bowl. You can try to put the bowl in the refrigerator for a few moments to make the juice cold down. The lemon has properties that able to lighten your skin color, thus making the dark circle also lighten. Another thing that easy to be found on your home is tea bag which you may drink every day. Now instead of getting rid the bag, you can actually use it to cure your dark circle. Now try to brew two bags of tea then take it out from the water. You may drink the tea if you want, but make sure that you take out the tea bags before you put the sugar inside.

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Put the bags aside for several minutes to let it cold down, or try to put them in the refrigerator to faster the process. Then just use the bags on your eyes as you usually do with the other method to reduce your dark circles. You do not need to become professional makeup artist just to hide the bags under eyes because today we would love to share some tips regarding this matter. What you need to do is simply prepare some concealer and foundation, eye cream of course needed for the maximum result.

Read for more steps of how to camouflage eye bags on women. If you already tried everything to get rid under eye bags, but no one is effective, then you need to start to apply some makeup in order to give some camouflage. For those who do not like to have heavy makeup then you can use concealer without any foundation, it also works well to hide bags under eyes. Remember, these steps will not work if you cannot find the right shade of your concealer. Therefore, the first thing to do is to make sure that you get a suitable concealer and thus it can help to brighten the eye area where the eye bags appear.

If you do so then, it will give natural looking finish plus you can use a small brush that easy to use. Hope it will help for daily use! Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Home Blog. Just Follow These Below Here First thing that you need to do is to create a base that used to make your makeup smooth and flawless.

Recover Your Beautiful Eyes with Tea bags for Dark Circles There are actually many reasons why the dark circles can come out to your eyes, but then again the melanin color that comes from your own genetic is the highest factor for it. Working your way to reducing the dark circle using tea bag After you get the right kind of tea you want to use, just boil a cup of water and put two bags inside.

Leave them for a few minute until the bags are completely soaked. Take out the bags, put it on a clean plate and take them inside the refrigerator to cool them down. Meanwhile, you can start to clean your whole face using your usual soap or cleanser to prepare it for the treatment. After the bag is completely cool down, you can take it out. Lay down on your bed and close your eyes shut, put the bag on each eye and take them on for 10 minutes. Now you can remove them from your eyes and rewash your face using cool water just to clean the tea.

Choosing eye bag removal surgery Aging people usually start to lose their muscle tone and skin elasticity around the eye which caused eye bag. About Blepharoplasty — Surgery to Remove Bags Under Eyes Surgery to remove eye bags under eyes is called Blepharoplasty, and in fact, there are three kinds of this procedure which not only intent to get rid eye bags under eyes but also sagging upper eyelids.

Here are the types: Lower Blepharoplasty which used for eye bag removal. Upper Blepharoplasty which used to treat sagging upper eyelids.

The combination of both lower and upper Blepharoplasty. Surgery procedure to remove bags under eyes The doctor or surgeon will tell you the exact detail of your procedure, it will go like this: the surgeon will make some incision right in eyelids or below your lower eyelashes. Is there any risk of surgery to remove bags? Use your own face wash the way you always do it every day, and then put your daily moisturizing cream lightly on your face.

That way you have created the best canvas for working on your makeup in the next steps. Now before you putting the concealer on the area under your eyes, it is very important to choose a suitable shade of concealer that will cover the bags perfectly. So not only the color need to be in matching shade with your skin, but it should also be able to cover the shade that created by the bag. That is why it is important to know about the shade that created by the bag and what kind of color that able to cover it. For example, if you get reddish shade on your eye bag then you can try to use a concealer that has more of green color over it.

But if the bags has dark looking shade, then you can try using a concealer that has more of purple color on it. While if you get blue shade on the bag then yellow color work well. Now after you get the right color, it is time to even out the shade of your face skin. To do that, you just need to use your regular foundation as it must have worked great for your skin. Do not leave any patches on your skin but do it full on your face. Now after the skin tone is ready, it is time to hide the bags. Uses the concealer that you have chosen before and apply it to the area of the bags using your own finger or any makeup brush if you will.

Make sure that you blend the concealer perfectly so you would not see any makeup area on it. Now take a few foundations and apply it directly on top of the area that you have applied the concealer at. Blend it well so your eye bag will be hidden perfectly or at least they will become smaller. Last you just need to apply your makeup the way you want it as now your face has become perfect. How to Getting Rid of Wrinkles and Fine Lines Under Eyes Prevention You need to start aging treatment as soon as possible since aging around the eyes begin when you are young.

These are what you should do: Use SPF and sunglasses: You need to apply sunscreen with SPF at least 30 when you are go outdoor and do not forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet that can make your skins dull. Apply eye cream: In the morning, moisturize around the eyes with eye lotion to keep the eye area sag-free and later apply nighttime eye cream which contains collagen encouraging peptides.

Before going to bed, massage the eye area gently in order to relax the facial muscles. Sleeping position: Last, never sleeping on your face because this position will create pressure that can cause your face forming wrinkles and fine lines. Below are the examples: Green tea: Soak two green tea bags in water and then place them over the eyes about fifteen to twenty minutes before you rinse your face. Green tea contains an antioxidant which useful to make your skin healthier and of course remove fine lines and wrinkles.

Cucumber slices: Just put two cucumber slices over the eyes and wait until the cucumber warm up. Cucumbers not only moisturize wrinkles and fine lines, but they also can help to reduce puffy eyes. Avocado: Makes eye mask from avocado that contains Vitamin E which help to reduce fine lines and scars.

Just process the avocado with blended and place the mask under the eyes for around fifteen to twenty minutes before you rinse your face. Over-the-counter Eye Cream There are lots of anti-aging creams which can be used to prevent, reduce, and get rid fine lines or wrinkles. Cosmetic Surgery and Doctor The last solution if you cannot remove the fine lines and wrinkles on eye area are by cosmetic surgery known as eyelift.

Method to cover the dark circle from under your eyes Put on your usual foundation the way that you do it normally, do not apply more to the area under the eyes. When you are finished, then you can see the dark area where you need to work on. Now apply the newly purchased concealer that you get before using a brush or just with your finger, make sure that they are applied evenly in a thin Pay more attention to the area that is darker than the other area so the shade will be even.

They usually available on the corner of your eyes and the area near your nose bridge. Apply some translucent powder on the area that you have covered with the concealer. This is so the area will not look shiny so just apply a thin layer to blend the area with the rest of your skin tone. That way when you use your normal concealer to another area around your face, then the color can blend well together. Continue your makeup, as usual, to really finish your makeup routine. Usually, you will need at least 8 hours of sleep which done in the same time every day so it can be your habit to give your body enough rest.

Use sunscreen all around your face, and if it is necessary to use sunscreen with higher SPF for the area around your eyes since it needs more protection because of the thin layer it has. Drink enough water since your skin needs to be hydrated to maintain its health thus making it elastic and make the wrinkle less visible. If your skin is dry or even cracking, then the wrinkles will be visible more.

Take your daily vitamin E gel and pierce it with a needle to take out the content. Apply it on the area of wrinkle around your eyes, so your skin can create more collagen that will fill the wrinkles and moist it better.

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Take a bowl of whole milk and put two small pieces of paper towel inside to soak it. Then right before your bedtime put the towels on your eyes for around 15 minutes. This method will help so your face can reduce the dead skin thus making the healthier skin comes out and replace the wrinkled skin. Try to use oil which made from grape seed to your eyes. This kind of seed has antioxidant inside that can help you to rejuvenate your skin; this is why it is not only good for the wrinkled skin but also to moist it as well.

Use it as regular maintenance of your skin to get the best effect from it. Another oil that works is one made from coconut, but make sure that it is the virgin When applying, you also need to massage your skin gently to help the blood flows better thus reducing the wrinkles. Try to use it regularly, and after a week you can see the change in your wrinkled skin. Create a mask using an avocado that you can crush or blend to create a paste-like a form. Apply it to the area around your eyes or your whole face since it can help to make your skin appear younger by helping its regeneration.

You might have known this method to use cucumber as this is one of the most effective ones. Just put a slice on each eye, and you can see that it will help to reduce the puffiness and the wrinkles around it. Orange juice is not only good for your body but your eyes as well. Try to use a cotton swab and soak it in a fresh juice before putting it on your eyes.

You can do this twice a day after you wake up and before you going to sleep. See the different on the fine line.

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Lemon juice This fruit is known for its vitamin C which available in quite a large number inside. Tea bags Another thing that easy to be found on your home is tea bag which you may drink every day. How to Hiding under Eye Bags with Concealer?

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Things you need to prepare: Concealer Foundation Gel-based moisturizer for eyes Powder and Concealer brush Shimmer cream Translucent pressed powder How to do it: After you give moisturizer over the faces, you need to add a second coating of gel-based moisturizer around eyes area.

Next, start to apply foundation like usual over the face and apply shimmer cream afterward, just a thin coating will do. When choosing concealer to hide bags under eyes, you need to consider your natural skin color. For example, if you have dark skin then orange-based concealer is going to work well and for light skin possible with yellow-based concealer. Basically, you need to pick a concealer that one shade is lighter than your natural skin color.

Use the brush to apply the concealer under your eyes by dip the tip into the concealer.

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Make sure that you use patting motion when dabbing the brush under the eyes which means that you cannot stroke or rub the brush. We need the consumer to have both physical and password access to ensure proper use. Inability to do this might result in breaking of laws that are Express and Federal. Consciousness Technologies will cooperate with regulators in investigation of any allegations of misuse. Furthermore, your permit will be immediately terminated by us without notice. Consult legal counsel if you have issues relating to your particular conditions. If you'd like even more information about Wilkes, we'd be happy to send it to you.

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